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Become Unstoppable With X-Team


X-Team is a league of extraordinary superheroes, who are selflessly dedicated to growing and #unleashing the best in themselves, revolutionizing the remote movement by creating an incredibly inspiring, engaging, and welcoming environment that is a catalyst for developers to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.

X-Team does not believe in simply hiring remote developers, but rather focuses on cultivating and maintaining authentic relationships, or alliances.


Let’s be honest, the average company does not describe its employees as superheroes. That is because X-Team is not the average company. In fact, the strength of their heroized culture lies in their unshakable commitment to guide developers on their own unique path to discover and awaken their inner hero.


It all starts with the “Envisioner” and CEO, Ryan Chartrand, who brings more thana decade of experience working in remote development. Ryan believes that...

The only way to cultivate extraordinary developers is by becoming a partner in accomplishing their goals, a shareholder in their aspirations, and an ally they can trust to help them grow.”

Mission Possible

At X-Team, you will never churn mindlessly through project after project with no real focus on your goals or plan for further development. In fact, it is the complete opposite. The company is founded upon 2 main missions:

  1. Create a company that helps empower people from all around the world, no

    matter where they are, and allows them to grow in their career.

  2. Create the best possible environment for remote developers to mentor one

    another and inspire each other to grow.

From the moment you begin your journey as an X-Teamer, you will realize that while you may work remotely, you will never work alone. You will join a team of highly-qualified, on-demand developers representing more 30+ countries from around the world, spanning 8 different time zones, dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

In order to achieve your goals, however, you must first define your mission, which consists of not only identifying your most important career aspirations, but personal goals such as learning a new skill, taking a course, or attending a conference. Or maybe you want to mentor others in your community or support an open source project. Whatever it is that will help you to enhance your personal brand, X-Team will be there to guide you every step of the way.

They call it the Path to #unleash.

Wherever you are, the path is in front of you.

Along the path, you will be motivated by an “Unleasher”, a person devoted to helping you define and refine your mission, and implement a concrete, step-by-step plan to #unleash your true potential.

With X-Team, not only is your mission possible, but it comes with a guaranteed commitment to help you achieve it.

The X-Factor

Defined as an indescribable quality, or an attribute that you “cannot quite put your finger on”, X-Team has a certain intrinsic X-factor that undeniably distinguishes them from other remote

development companies. Without a doubt, X-Team’s first priority is to the development of its team members. Being inspired, insatiably curious, and inexpressibly laser-focused on internal growth and #unleashing potential in themselves and others is the heartbeat of the X-Team.

They are a community of explorers, inquisitive learners, adventurous climbers, and unapologetic givers. And out of the overflow of their safe haven, infused with a belief in possibility and the ability to make dreams a reality, comes the passion and willingness to serve, meet, and exceed the needs of companies all over the world.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands such as Twitter, Microsoft, FOX, FX, 20th Century Fox, American Idol, RIOT Games, and more, X-Teamers are dedicated full-time to one project at a time, making the delivery of efficient and maintainable code that lasts their highest priority.

X-Teamers have the ability to seamlessly integrate into the fabric of an existing team, powering websites for networks like FOX Broadcasting, partner of over a decade.

Basically, when it comes to code and making life easier, no matter the unknown variable or required specialization, X-Team has the solution.

Remote Connectivity

X-Team was not always 100% remote. At one point, they were split between an office in Melbourne, Australia and a distributed team around the world. Over time, as they realized there was an increase in productivity and work-life balance with the implementation of remote work policies, they decided to go fully remote and never looked back.

So how does X-Team ensure that their network of extraordinary superheroes remains connected in a 100% distributed environment? According to Ryan, “We’ve been able to continue to grow and sustain an incredible community of developers because it’s simply where great minds want to be.”

And great minds also love to be in the Canary Islands, where X-Team sponsored a collaborative, co-living (think co-working and living together) workspace, or “hacker house”, through Airbnb to encourage opportunities for face-to-face interaction.

And the occasional drone flight, of course.

X-Teamers can choose to join forces and work together in this lavish, co-living space referred to as the X-Outpost. The destination changes to a new country every few months, and locations are strategically chosen to surround developers with tons of exciting things to explore during their stay.

X-Team also sponsors annual, company-wide meet ups in multiple countries, called “The X”. And of course, there’s Happy Hour, monthly Town Hall, and X-Mas parties. Not to mention

passing around a GoPro for a year as a part of their Movement initiative.

Yes, X-Team nurtures a close-knit, virtual environment, and continually pursues new opportunities to stay connected.

Become #Unstoppable

Certainly their heroized culture, complete with avatars, action figures of each developer, and a fictional storyline told through comic books and Slack channel experiences makes X-Team one-of-a-kind.

But joining over 100 X-Teamers in the superhero hall of fame is no small feat. Reserved for those individuals who truly dig deep and #unleash the very best that they have to offer, bestowing heroization is not only a fun way to show recognition, over time it has evolved into a way of expressing gratitude.

It is not “given” to you, like a name badge. It is earned, like a badge of honor.

Ryan Chartrand, CEO - The Envisioner

Your crafted identity will mirror your real-world passions and superpowers. And to earn this unique level of appreciation, you must demonstrate your ability to be both super AND hero.

Is that not the coolest thing EVER?

Join X-Team

Wondering if X-Team is the right place for you? You might a good fit if:

✔ You are a developer who works in an office. Seriously? Why?


✔ You feel like you’re being held back and not fully utilizing your dev skills.


✔ You are a freelance developer and digital nomad searching for a place to call home.


✔ You are ready to challenge not only your dev skills, but pursue your personal

passions, and #unleash your full potential.


✔ You want to become #unstoppable.

X-Team is always on the look-out for talented developers to join their team. So if changing the world one code at a time sounds good to you, then by all means, help build the future with X-Team.


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